StoreBrander service will be discontinued on June 1, 2016

What is StoreBrander?

StoreBrander is free public cloud service (SAAS) intended to solve common Amazon aStore problems. Internally StoreBrander is intelligent aStore proxy. With StoreBrander you can:

We are constantly working on StoreBrander cloud service improvement and adding new functionality to it. If you have any questions or suggestions, if you have any ideas concerning Storebrander features, if you need help please contact us!

Your Own e-Commerce Site Powered by Amazon

7 steps to making money online

  1. Become an Amazon Affiliate (Free) Amazon associates program
  2. Create Amazon aStore (Free)
  3. Register domain name Domain Sale! $7.49* .com at or use free subdomain.
  4. Go Daddy $7.49 .com domains
  5. For own domain name point the domain name to StoreBrander. Create the following DNS record: IN CNAME
  6. Brand your Amazon aStore at StoreBrander. Join now for FREE
  7. You may also create Google AdSense account (Free) to receive Double revenue
  8. Target traffic to your new cloud store and earn money online

Please, check our example cloud store with very simple custom tempalte or Books & Media store with more complex custom template

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